It’s not best for everyone!

I am soooooo tired of the “Breast is Best” campaign.  Not that I don’t agree with breastfeeding… I do believe in a perfect world it is best for Mother and Baby, but this is not a perfect world.  Women should not be pressured into breastfeeding or made to feel a horrible failure when they choose not to BF or can’t for whatever reason.  Formula is not poison.  I have a formula fed baby who is thriving.  I do not feel that I have less of a bond with him because he is formula fed.  But I did struggle horribly with the decision to stop trying to breastfeed him.  I’m sure now it was mostly the hormones.  Normal Amy would have been much more rational about it all and saw the logic in the reasons to stop.  Hormonal Amy only felt the failure and misery, I had been told all through pregnancy that “Breast was Best” taught how to BF in classes like it was so simple so it’s no wonder I felt like a horrible failure.  The truth is, my reasons to stop were good ones and I gave it my best effort.  I can now see that.  I wish that I had not lost weeks of my life and precious time with my newborn feeling depressed and worthless about it.  If there is a next time around, we will try again but I will NOT tear myself up if we cannot continue.

I guess the source of this rant is a recent program on TV over here which explored the topic – I did not watch it (forgot really) but the baby forums lit up with debate over the topic and it has always bothered me a little.  I REALLY DO agree with the BF education, there are a surprising number of women who never even for one second considered it until they were told more about it, and I do think everyone should try but I really hate the stigma that seems to be placed by some women and health care workers alike on women who either chose not to or could not BF.  It is a personal choice and one that can only be made by Mom to do what is best for her baby and herself.  There is nothing wrong with formula, babies thrive on it every day!

Let’s all just chill out and be happy that formula fed babies are being fed, clothed and loved in the first place and focus our energy helping the babies that are not being fed, clothed and loved… mmmmmKAY?


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