It’s going to get a bit hectic.

Well, today was the day I have been waiting the last 6ish weeks for.  The first ultrasound for baby Walters number 2!!  I am due December 14th – so with not even a 14 month gap, life is going to be crazy crazy in this house next year!  We are nothing but excited though.  Ok, a healthy dose of fear mixed in too, but all will work out!

We got to see little bean’s heart beat today and all is well and as it should be for 10weeks +6days.  I am quite shocked actually at the accuracy of the Clear Blue Digital tests I took that dated the pregnancy around 5 weeks at the time – it had me guessing my due date was around the 15th, so it was spot on!

Baby was too small for the tests that I had scheduled for today (I could have been up to 13 weeks but obviously those dates were unreliable!) so I have to go back in 2 weeks time for another ultrasound which I do not mind at all!  Baby should be big enough then that we will actually be able to see more, but we could actually see quite a bit this time, you could tell where head was and see little heart beating and tell there were 4 limbs, just so tiny… 40mm in length so no wonder it doesn’t show up very well on a scan yet!  Can’t wait for June 7!

It was a huge difference from the first scan with Elliot though, holy cow!  With him, as soon as they put the wand to my belly is was like “OH, HELLO BABY!!”   But he was already 21 weeks along, so he was much much bigger!  Interesting to actually get to see this one while so tiny and experience pregnancy from the beginning this time lol!  You mean I actually have to wait 9 months to have this baby?!?  😦

Well, in other news – we stopped in at baby clinic this morning on the way to the hospital and had Elliot weighed.  He tipped the scale ad 22lb 6oz and had jumped up from his 91st percentile line to the 98th.  It’s not really a big deal, just time to cut back on the milk a bit more than we had been doing but they were happy with him and how he is doing.  He definitely loves his food!  Which is good, just Mom needs to give him less milk now! 🙂

So anyways, that’s the latest news from the Walters household.  Exciting times indeed!


3 thoughts on “It’s going to get a bit hectic.

  1. I was wondering why the blog had not been updated in so long!!! Congratulations…this is very exciting….my words were Oh My Goodness!!!! Wishing you Luck with keeping yourself occupied until your next appointment….another little Walters into the world—how wonderful!!!

    • I have gotten bad about keeping it updated, but I pledge to try and do better! I am feeling better now, had a couple weeks of really bad nausea and have been super tired but otherwise all is well!

  2. This reply is to let you know how darn HOT it has been here 105 degree heat index….the weather is supposed to break today (June 9th) though. I sure hope so we are supposed to go camping next week with our new used camper. Just have not read anything from you lately and wanted you to know that you were being thought of today and always. Wishing you a Wonderful Day!!!

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