Time!  That’s what’s flying!  This pregnancy seems to be going so quickly, which I am OK with!  At first I thought it was really going to drag along, compared to last time when it was already half way over by the time I found out, and being our first we were then instantly consumed with preparing for him.  None of that this time as we really only need a few things and to re-do the back bedroom.  There is not the mad rush to get EVERYTHING.  I’m sure having Elliot to chase around all day is helping the time go by more quickly, I still just can hardly believe I am going to be 22 weeks along tomorrow, so in about 4 months time we will have another baby!  Still no word on what new baby Walters will be, I am having another ultrasound on Monday so I hope that we have a more cooperative baby that is not so shy!

And speaking of time flying, Monday is also our second anniversary!  2 years married, slightly less of actually living together, we have a 9 month old and over half way through the second pregnancy!  I sat back and thought about things a couple weeks ago… In the span of roughly 2.5 years time, I will have quit my job, gotten married, moved to another country and had 2 babies.  No flippin’ wonder I feel a little stressed out and overwhelmed sometimes.

Here’s hoping that 2012 will be uneventful aside from the birth of baby!


3 thoughts on “Flying!

  1. Sure am glad to see a post on your site…I was a little concerned but then I figured it out….wait she probably does not have much time on her hands. Our summer has been very busy as well….next week Charlie and I will celebrate our 2 year anniversary…not sure where our time has gone either. Wishing you Luck withe everything….fingers are crossed for your ultrasound results. Take Care…..

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