HELLO!?! Mother! I’m HERE!

I could not help but laugh at my boy this morning.  He’s been pretty miserable lately with teething so I’ve overlooked his cuteness at times because I’m tired and fed up but I was in the kitchen doing steamed apples (to freeze for adding to his porridge – yes, I say porridge now not oatmeal, well I still say oatmeal but if I teach myself to say porridge then people here know what I’m talking about) and he came over to the baby gate, stood there for a minute and when I didn’t say anything to him started very clearly SHOUTING, MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM while shaking the living daylights out of the gate and picking up a leg like he was going to try and climb over it. lol, crazy child.  Then after I chatted with him for a few minutes (his replies all MOM MOM MOM in varying pitches and volumes) something came on TV that caught his attention and he turned around, plopped down and totally forgot I was even there.  It just made me laugh 🙂


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