It feels like an Era!

Once again, I’m a bad blogger not posting in months!

I have tried my best not to complain (too) much, I have had 2 pretty easy pregnancies with no major problems so I am very thankful for that.  But to be completely honest, after 2 pregnancies in 2 years I am done, I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. Yes it is a miracle, it’s wonderful, amazing, and every other word you can use to describe pregnancy but I do feel like I am ready to be done and I am very much looking forward to not being pregnant anymore, ever.  I guess this probably sounds pretty  harsh, especially since there are women out there who would love nothing more than to be able to have a baby.  I do recognize this and understand how selfish I sound for saying it, but I really truly am grateful for my babies!

At my last checkup with the doctor last week, the midwife was chatting with me about how I am adjusting to life here, if I get homesick, all the normal questions when someone finds out I’m a recent transplant.  My reply was one I had never said before, but honestly I think it’s probably the best way I can answer the question right now!  I told her let me not be pregnant for about a year and then I will let you know how I’m feeling. I still think I am doing well, adjusting to life over here but when I think about it, all the wobbles and struggles with being so homesick and feeling so isolated were/are not helped by pregnancy hormones!  I really do love it here, and feel you should be happy with your life wherever it takes you but I have really struggled some days.  I’m hoping now with my 2 little ones I can see how much I really enjoy life here without the influence of crazy hormones!

So tomorrow I will be putting an end to my pregnancy era!  We have waited patiently for baby girl to make her appearance.  I really wanted to give labor an honest try after having Elliot by C-section the first time around, but I am past 41 weeks now and my options for induction are limited because of the previous CS, so I will be having her by C-section tomorrow!  I’m sure I will update as soon as I can once we are home!


One thought on “It feels like an Era!

  1. YOU have a beautiful family already and little girl will be the icing on the cake! Time is going to fly by and the kids will get involved with school and you will be a busy mom! Good luck tomorrow!

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